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Annie @ 52 weeks

April 4, 2013. 52 weeks. One full year! CanNOT believe a year has gone by. At one year old she weighs 17 lbs, 15 oz., 30 in. long. Very healthy, very happy, and very loved little girl. She is not walking yet although she is very close. We thought she took a few steps last month but we haven’t seen anymore since then. She can crawl at lighting speed though so watch out if she’s around. You have to watch her like a hawk. She’s fast and she puts everything in her mouth. At one year old she has five teeth and is a fantastic eater. She will eat just about anything. Well, except bananas. She stopped liking bananas a few weeks ago. Weird. She’s totally in love with her brother and her dad. And she’s attached at the hip to me. She’s VERY much a mama’s girl. A bi-product of having a stay-at-home mama I suppose. I’m okay with that. I’m totally in love with her too. 🙂 Our little blondie with a tiny hint of red. She loves music and loves to dance. And she is oh so sweet. Love, love, love her to the moon and back.  1wIMG_1007textA little blurry in this next one but I still love this shot. We see that expression on her all the time.2wIMG_1006TEXTcropSilly, silly, silly goose.And this collage is now complete. Yay!!!! A few people have asked if I will keep it up. Nope. Too hard getting these shots towards the end. Now that she can crawl away so fast (and run away soon I’m sure) there’s no way I want to chase her every Wednesday to get one of these shots. It was definitely some work. Totally worth it but I’m going to call it complete at one year. I plan to create a photo book that will include the weekly shots, maybe some of the extra ones, my behind-the-scenes, and some of the outtakes. Will share those in another post soon.  I’ve got some pretty funny ones.  I also think I will print this collage big and hang it up somewhere in our house. I have quite a collection of material from this project. Thinking of having that made into a quilt. Love all of them together in this final collection.52 weeks 4 acrossAnd a glimpse at our family on the iphone the week that Annie turned one year old:collage week 52 March 28 to April 5

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