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Annie @ 49, 50, 51 weeks

49 weeks old.  March 13, 2013. 1wIMG_2976

50 weeks old.  March 18, 2013.  My toughest decision yet in all of these weekly pictures — which one to select for this spot?!?!?  I had six shots that I adore with her standing up. She started standing on her own a few weeks ago. Week 50 she mastered it. 2wIMG_395

51 weeks old.  March 27, 2013.  I still can’t believe that almost a year has gone by. She took three steps on her own this week. March 22nd. I missed it but Logan and Ezra swear it happened. Haven’t seen any more steps since then.3wc51weeks

4_51v2Iphone for the past three weeks: 1, 2 – Coolest Lite Brite ever, FW Science museum. 3 – So in love. 4 – Horseback rides at sweet friends birthday party. 5 – Hiking with cousin PDiddy on spring break. Ezra Mr. “I’m so tired I can’t even walk.” Mission accomplished. 6 – Result of my mission accomplished?  Three hour nap.   7, 8, 9 – Painting with Mimi. 10 – Saturday morning. He didn’t want to play that day but we finally got him out on the field. I was that mother who dragged her child out there kicking and screaming. Yes, that was me. 11, 12 – Lunch date during Spring Break at our favorite neighborhood café. Thank you Nana for watching Annie! It’s the rare occasion that Ezra and I are out on our own. 13, 14 – Checking out the Modern for an upcoming engagement session. He was digging his echo in that sculpture. 15 – Dinner at the new food truck park with Nana & Pop. 16, 17 – A little green on green action on St. Patrick’s Day. My little greenie holding Annie’s “greeeeeeeeen beans!” 18 – No green for her. Bad mom. Still cute though. 19 – Duck pond. Much happier experience than our last trip three years ago. The ducks played nice this time and didn’t attack us.  20 – Wii. 21 – High school girlfriends. So fun to see them again and catch up! 22 – Future Geologists. 23 – Victory! 24 – Shoe shopping. 25 – Taste testing cupcakes for Annie’s party next week. 26 – Tuesday afternoon soccer practice. 27 – An apple a day. I handed it to her to keep her busy while I got something out of the oven. She went to town on it. Who knew!

5 blog post week 49 to 51 March to March 27L

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