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Annie @ 46, 47, 48 weeks

February 20, 2013. 46 weeks old. Silly goose. Everything in the mouth. Still.1w46IMG_1911cropcloneText

February 27, 2013. 47 weeks old. Always (ALWAYS!) on the move.2wIMG_2237cropcloneText

March 6, 2013. 48 weeks old. Brown Bear Brown Bear is her favorite.3w48eIMG_2842cloneText

colllage 48Iphone for three weeks…1 – She is the exact height to chew on that stool.  Hmm.  2 – Starting early on the literacy skills.  Just joking.  She pulls down everything off the shelves.  3 – Mama’s Pizza.  He FINALLY won one of those silly stuffed animals. The pic I took of his winning is blurry so this one is before.  We have put so many quarters in that machine.  Could have bought several stuffed animals by now I’m sure.   It’s the thrill of the hunt though, right?  Victory!  4 – Meerkat watching at the zoo. 5 – Half his height.  6 –  PDiddy in the house.  7 – Where’s Annie?  8 – Stinker.  9 – The box again.  He’s gotten so much joy out of that box of Hugggies.  10 – Fun times with sweet friends.  11 – Silly goose.  12 – Tyler Durden.  13.  How I have her closet organized.  Separated in buckets by size.  THANK you again to our friends who keep giving us clothes for Annie. SO appreciated!!!  14-15 – Their new thing.  16, 17, 18 – Annie loves Clancy.  Loves him, loves him, loves him.  Pulling him down here to give him kisses.

collage week 45 to 47 feb 17 to mar 8

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