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Annie @ 43, 44, 45 weeks

January 30, 2013. 43 weeks.1wIMG_1221

February 6, 2013. 44 weeks.2w44IMG_1285text

February 15, 2013. 45 weeks.3w45IMG_1595


Iphone randomnes:  1, 2 – green beans. Five years later and we still get the same reaction.  Seriously, click that link it will make you smile.  Ezra 7.5 months old.  When you are five years old it helps if you hold your nose and put your finger in your ear.  True.  3 – Dr. Ezra.  4 – My view at dinnertime.  5 – I don’t want to wake up but I need to because we have to go pick up Ezra from school.  6 – Yes, he still fits.  Silly billy. 7 – Mama, get me out of here please.  8 – Rodeo 2013.  9 – Her bears and bunnies. 10 – Logan in Huntsville during Rocky Raccoon 2013.  He ran 60 miles that day.  11 – Always reaching.  12 –  FW Nature Center.  Again.  I’m telling you we love that place.  13 – Zonked after our afternoon exploring.  I can’t resist a good sleeping shot.  14 – Ipad love.  15- Swings with dad.  Annie LOVES swinging.  She has the best smiles when she’s in the swing.  Ezra climbed into the baby swing there.  We were laughing so hard for so long.  Yep, he still fits.  Barely.  It was pretty darn funny. 16 – I love them together.  17 – Annie vs. the dinosaur.  18 – Ezra tennis lessons.  She wants out on that court bad.  Someday.  19 – 6:31 a.m. crash on the living room floor. She woke up at 4:00 a.m. that morning.  Lack of sleep is one of the hardest things for me as a parent.  I miss good sleep. 20 – Hiking at FW Nature Center (yes, we LOVE that place.)   I was in Marble Falls for my annual Baylor girlfriends weekend.  Longest time so far for Logan to have both kids by himself.  21 – Valentines mantel.  22, 23 – Buzz cut.  24 – BIG day for Ezra.  He can now FINALLY make it across the monkey bars.  Very, very, very exciting to my 5.5 year old.  25-28 – My funny valentines.  5collage week 43 to 45 january 24 to february 15L

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