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Annie @ 40, 41, 42 weeks

January 10, 2013. 40 weeks old. She’s holding the remote to the camera. Something new I tried for taking her pic. Didn’t work.1w40IMG_0859cropTextJanuary 16, 2013. 41 weeks old. She’s holding one of Ezra’s pencils. I think she’ll be holding something in every pic from now on. It’s the only way I can get her to stay still for a second or two. She is so stinkin’ fast now. And she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. Silly girl! I love her.2w41IMG_1017finalTextJanuary 23, 2013. 42 weeks old. She’s eating puffs in this one. Her new favorite snack. And she’s laughing at me trying to take her picture play “Where’s Annie?” at the same time. You would laugh too if you saw me trying to get her picture every week now. 🙂wIMG_0831cropText42Iphone dump for the last three weeks. 1. – My favorite coffee. Yep. On my drive to pickup Ezra after his week in Arkansas. We meet my in-laws halfway in Texarkana when we do this. It’s a long drive. Takes me about 7 hours round trip with the little guy. Worth it but it’s a long day. 2. Her new thing. She always grabs the bottle now. 3. The opposite of Ninja Annnie. 4 Lunch with Logan, Ezra, and Annie at Oliver’s downtown. She was so snuggly. I should have known what was coming. 5, 6. She was so snuggly because she had a fever. Poor baby. We made it 9 months without being sick. Pretty good I think. And even that it was just a small fever. I have been BLESSED with healthly children. 7, 8, 9. – A rare hour alone at Tillery with my favorite 5 year old. 10. I laugh and laugh and laugh about this every night. Love her! 11. Explorer. 12. Breakfast with my sweets at Old South Pancake House when Logan was in Bandera. Better watch out brother…she’s eyeing that pancake of yours. It’s only a matter of time before she can get to it. 13. Ralphie’s little brother. 14. Krogering. 15. His new thing. Listening to audio books. Digs it! 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. – Fort Worth Nature Center. Our first time to go. So enjoyed it. We’ll be back. 21. Zonked after hiking at the nature center. 22, 23. My laundry assistant. 24. He’s finally tall enough to reach that claw. He’s been waiting for a long time. Fort Worth Science Museum.collage week 40 to 42 january 4 to 23 L

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