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Annie @ 37, 38, 39 weeks

December 20, 2012. 37 weeks. Check out this post here for a Behind the Scenes look up at how I’ve been doing these weekly pics. 1wIMG_0653-2textDecember 26, 2012. 28 weeks. She must have known I was going to do that behind the scenes post because the next week we had to change things up. No more shooting down on her and trying to get her to stay laying down. She is much too fast for me now. Too much to do to get her to stay put and take the picture so I’m trying it this way now.2w38weeksJanuary 3, 2013. 39 weeks.3wIMG_0428cropCloneText39Iphone pics from December:  1.  Our favorite park.  2-6. Christmas with Logan’s family on December 16th.  My favorite is Ezra, Poolie, and “Mr. Tea.”  7.  Christmas morning Twister.  He’s not quite there yet.  8-9. Christmas at my sister’s house with my family with my sisters, brother, Mimi & Enno and my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  The upclose shot of Ezra makes me smile.  I was in the other room with Annie when they took that.  It was towards the end of the night and I was trying to get her to fall asleep.  I could hear Ezra shouting “No pictures!  No pictures!”  Normally I’m not a fan of my child shouting NO! but in this case I was proud of him for standing up for himself.  This past year I’ve been on a big kick of “put your camera down and enjoy the moment.”  Some people get this, some people don’t.  Don’t get me wrong….I love pictures…I take alot of pictures…but I’m also a big believer that you don’t have to document every.single.occasion.  For every post of pictures you see here on my blog there could have been 20 others that I did not photograph.  Last night for example, there was some serious breakdancing going on in our living room.  I could have photographed it.   Sure, it would have made for some fun pictures.  But instead I choose to be part of that dance.  And I think my kids enjoyed it so much more.  So…put your camera down people (did I just say that?!?!) and be ACTIVE in the moment.  AND if someone doesn’t want to be in picture then that’s their right.  Respect it.   So my 5 year old didn’t want to be in that shot.  Respect it.  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  🙂  10-11.  New tricks.  He’ll get there soon enough.  12.  Annie vs. Relish the kitty.  13.  My in-laws 41 years ago on their wedding day.  December 30, 1971.  14-15.  Six full days in Arkansas with Nanna & Pop makes Ezra happy!  16-17.  Her new thing.  It’s only a matter of time before her little fingers get shut in that drawer.  We’ve got to get that fixed.  18.  1400 Clover Hill Road.  My house growing up.  I was in Mansfield for a photo session and did a drive-by.  I don’t remember it being that big.  19.  Jane Fonda.  20.  Her new friend.  21.  Shopping with her dad.collage weeks 37 to 39 dec 13 to jan 3L

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