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Behind the scenes @ 52 weeks

Several people have asked so here’s how I do it each week. She was born on a Wednesday so I try to be consistent and shoot on a Wednesday or Thursday each week. We shoot in the morning, after her morning nap and bottle, in Ezra’s bedroom. Natural light is key and his room gets really good morning light. Up until 31 weeks I took her pics on the bed right below the window. We moved to the floor at 32. At that point she was a big time wiggle worm so the floor was much was safer. About half of the backgrounds so far have been material I purchased from Jo Ann fabrics. One yard each. There have also been blankets, quilts, sheets, and even a rug. Most of them are my own but I have borrowed a few from my sisters. I shoot with my Canon Mark D II with my 24-70 lens. It usually takes me about 50 pics to get the one I want.  Occasionally I nail it in the first few.  Sometimes she makes me work for it though. As soon as she could roll over the challenge was on. And now that she can sit up and crawl it’s like a game to her. Lately I’ve been giving her something small to hold. That helps keep her attention for a little bit so I can hopefully get a good one before she crawls away. I edit my pics in CS5 using Totally Rad actions. I try to nail it in the camera but if editing is needed my favorite actions are Oh Snap!, Boutwell Magic Glasses, Green With Envy, Warm It Up, Kris!, and Smooth-O-Matic. I never use an action at 100%. Always adjust the opacity. The number on her onesie each week? That’s added later when I edit. And that’s it. Not sure what I’m going to do with these when they are all done.  Something fun though. I love them and it’s pretty amazing to see how far she’s come in the past nine months.  Probably a book, maybe a collage for a wall.  And here’s how it looks in pictures. This was week 37 last month on December 20th. We went for a run after these shots so that’s why I’m in the spandex. Glamorous? No. Reality? Yes. I set my second camera up on the bookshelf and turned on the remote to get these shots of us. From beginning to end here’s what we normally look like at 37 weeks…wIMG_0580-2And the final shot I went with for 37 weeks:wIMG_0653-2textAnd I must give credit where credit is due. I found this idea online from Young House Love. Randomly came across their website when I was pregnant with Annie. Loved what they did and decided to go for it. Thank you Young House Love!

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