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Annie @ 34, 35, 36 weeks

Can’t believe she’s already 36 weeks old.  37 weeks tomorrow. Only 14 more of these pictures.  It’s crazy how fast time goes when they are babies.  The past month has been a big one for our girl. And big one for us….things are a changing! Here goes…

34 weeks. November 28, 2012. At 34 weeks she started sitting up on her own. She also had her top two front teeth pop through.  Four teeth total now.35 weeks. December 7, 2012. At 35 weeks she started crawling. Verrrrrrry slow.  It might take this girl 10 minutes to make it 2 feet but it was a start.36 weeks old. December 12, 2012. At 36 weeks that slow crawl sped up. Now she is FAST! And she loves to put everything in her mouth. We have already started putting things up out of her reach. Our cute decorated living room is about to be put on hold for the next year or so while things are moving up high.  She started pulling her self up to stand in her crib so we lowered the mattress down a level.  It looks so low to the floor now.  One of these days I’ll capture her standing up holding on to the bar.  It’s quite cute to walk in to see her so proud of herself for pulling up.Iphone dump…4:30 a.m. wakeup one day (boo for me!), how I do dishes, she LOVES to swing (Ezra hated it as a baby…weird???), modeling some of my photo shoot hats, my view several times a day of her on the boppy, visit with Santa at Logan’s office party (Annie was in awe of St. Nick.  This totally surpised me.  She normally cries when someone other than me or Logan hold her.), pulling up in her crib, getting together with her good girlfriend, Ezra’s school holiday program, more of our neighborhood kitty, bananas with Mimi, happy girl now in the car (car rides were PAINFUL in the beginning), cookies with cousins, Annie loves that kitty too. 

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