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Annie @ 22 and 23 weeks

September 6, 2012. 22 weeks old. Yes, she really is that long.September 13, 2012. 23 weeks old. Sweet bunny. And a few iphone shots for 22 and 23 weeks …. 1 – Chill moment on the couch. She rarely lets me sit with her like this. We do alot of standing and walking around.  2 – All of a sudden Ezra has gotten really good at coloring.  He now gets most of it in the lines.  I’ve never once told him to do this.  Wonder if they do at school or if it’s something kids just start doing on their own?  3 – He LOVES to play video games.   I always give him one quarter when we go in to pick up pizza.  4, 5, 6 – Cats baseball game with cousins on Ezra’s birthday, August 31, 2012.  7 – Kincaids.  One of the places I know I can take both kids by myself.  It’s always a grilled cheese for both Ezra &  me, french fries for Ez, fried okra for me, and banana pudding for desert.  Mmmm.  8 – He is so incredibly sweet to her!   9 – Birthday socks from Mimi.  10-18 weekend trip to Austin.  Kolaches in West, visiting the Baylor Bear Pit in Waco, chill time in the hotel, lunch at Players, UT bookstore for new UT shirts, Annie’s first time to wear burnt orange, Annie’s first UT game, and Ezra & Aunt Poolie. 

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