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Annie @ 18, 19, 20, 21 weeks

Mega post coming up. Get ready. Time to get caught up. 🙂

18 weeks. August 9, 2012. This baby girl became an expert at rolling over this week. Her first official roll over was at 5 weeks old but I think that was a fluke accident. The real rollovers started happening at 18 weeks. It took her one or two tries and then she was off. Steam roller Annie.19 weeks. August 16, 2012. At 19 weeks old Annie got her first tooth and discovered her feet! They are in her mouth now ALL THE TIME.20 weeks. August 23, 2012. Annie’s second tooth came in this week. She now has two!21 weeks. August 30, 2012. We discovered Annie had reflux this week. I had no clue. She spit up quite a bit but I really didn’t think much of it.  It wasn’t until Miss Pat, the daycare director at my gym, pointed it out to us. No way. I totally thought she was wrong and just thought that Annie was a mama’s girl and was only happy in my arms. I took her to the doctor just to see and guess what…reflux. In that past three weeks she has only gained 1 oz. Talk about feeling like a horrible mom! We now have her on medicne for it and can see a HUGE difference in the spitting up. We thought she was a happy baby before but NOW she is super happy. She still likes my arms the best though.  I have a feeling this little girl is about to have some serious weight gain. Going to see a chubby baby on this blog soon.And some iphone randomness from our last month of summer…1,2 – Cats game with the Cantey Hanger folks. • 3 – Driving to meet Nanna & Pop.  E spent a week with his grandparents in Hot Springs.  We met in the middle in Texarkana.  He is watching Mary Poppins on dvd.  His favorite for many weeks this summer. • 4 – I love looking at Annie and Logan together.  She is so teeny tiny compared to him.  • 5 – She gotten really good at this holding her head and upper body up strong.  • 6 – Rolling over.  Taking our weekly pictures up a notch.  I accept your challenge Annie girl.  Good thing I shoot fast.  • 7 – New outfit from Aunt Shana.  She is now in a bigger size so it’s been fun to bring out some new clothes.  Who knew baby girl clothes would be so stinkin cute!  • 8 – Celebrating Ezra’s 5th birthday at El Tesoro.  More on that coming up in another post.  • 9 – Sweet,  sweet cousins.  The first time we have all six of them together.  • 10 – Finished the dinosaur puzzle.   He did not want me to take it apart and put it back in the box.  I convinced him to let me take a picture and then put it away.  That seemed to work.  • 11 – New Starwars lunch box from Aunt Bessie and new monster truck book from Aunt Emilie.  He was super excited to show these to his friends at school.  • 12 – Playing the Uncle Wiggly game from Aunt Francie.  (I LOVE this picture!!!)  He still calls it Uncle Rabbit and we still have to tell him it’s Uncle Wiggly.  I really need to go get an Uncle Wiggly book.  I remember reading this as a child.  Haven’t read it to my kids yet.  • 13 – Me, behind the scenes at a photo shoot.  In August I had 9 (NINE!) sessions.  Getting back into photography again has been busy and FUN!  I’ve missed it. • 14 – Good friends at another friends birthday swim party.  Three August birthdays in our little group of friends.  • 15 – A chilly 6 mile run on a Sunday morning.  Temps in the 60s. Looking forward to fall runs soon!  • 16 – More puzzles.  I’m officially declaring the summer of 2012 as the summer of puzzles.  •17 – Ezra’s first day of Kindergarten.  Four years old.  18 – She LOVES those hands. 

by Nell

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