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Annie @ 4 weeks

May 2, 2012.  Four weeks old. She made me work for it on this one.  It’s always much harder to shoot newborns when they are awake. Or maybe that’s just a sign of how she’s going to be. Going to give us a run for our money and have lots of personality!  Or maybe she’ll be pretty laid back. So far she has been. Or maybe that’s us. I definitely feel like we are much more easy going with Annie than we were with Ezra. I don’t worry about things as much. There are so many opinions out there on what you should do with a baby. So many people who will tell you what is right and how you should be doing things. But only you can truly know what’s right for your baby and right for your family. So this time around I’m going with that.  I’m a little more go with the flow and allowing myself to enjoy it more. I can’t believe it’s been four weeks already. Annie was 8 lbs 9 oz at her four week doctor appointment. She’s starting to get a little chub to her. I like it! And our success story for the week? Are you ready? Her sleep stretches at night….8.5 hours, 7.5 hours, 4 hours, 7 hours, 6 hours, 6 hours, 7.5 hours. Good job little girl! And some random iphone pics for the week.  The shots of me & Ezra were from our trip to the science museum and then to Curley’s for custard.  ♥  And a few more.  Love, love, love, and ha, ha, ha!  Exactly 4 weeks old when I took these.

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