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“Good morning Miss Annie”

One of the things I was nervous about when I was pregnant with Annie was losing my morning routine with Ezra. For several years now Ezra and I have been the first ones to get up in the morning. I would drink coffee, he would eat an english muffin, and we would read books together in our kitchen. On most days it was like that. Ezra has always been an early riser and although I’ve complained about the 5:30 a.m. wakeup times I really have loved the moments spent with him at our kitchen counter. So knowing that a new baby would be added to our morning mix made me a little sad that our routine would change and I wouldn’t get this special time alone with Ezra anymore. Well, Miss Annie must have had a hunch because so far she likes to sleep in. Our routine has changed a tiny bit (Logan now gets up for the early part with Ezra and lets me sleep in a little later) but I still have been able to get in that cup of coffee, a few books, and a little alone time with just me and my son. And then together we go get Annie when she wakes up. Every morning it’s “Good morning Annie!” said in his sweet little voice. He loves to unwrap her and watch her wakeup and stretch. It’s a nice little addition to the morning routine.   

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