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Me @ 36 weeks

36 weeks this week. It’s getting pretty close to go-time. Could happen any day now. Of course it could be also be another four full weeks. Maybe. With Ezra I was induced at 40 weeks. Well, 39 weeks and 6 days. One day does make a difference at this point. Trust me. Contractions are already happening but they are not the big ones yet. I have a doctor appointment on Friday so we’ll see what she says. I am all for an induction with this baby. If you know me you know that I am a planner. And to be able to make sure Ezra is taken care of would make me feel better. I think Logan wants it to happen on it’s own but I’m sticking with the hope of the induction. We’ll see.  Speaking of my hubby.  He’s been very good to me lately.  Even more so than normal.  Most people know that we have a full-on-always-energetic-4.5 year old on our hands.   Logan has always been a wonderful dad and spends a ton of time with Ezra but recently he has gone above and beyond.  For the past month or so he’s been taking him to school in the mornings.  This has always been my most stressful time of the day. So that’s gone now. And most evenings he’s the one to take care of Ezra, make dinner, an do bath and bedtime.  I have ZERO energy in the evenings and lately my body is just plain soar so this is so appreciated.   I’ve got a good guy.    So…what’s the plan for the hospital? If we know ahead of time when we’re having the baby then Logan’s mom is planning to come into town to watch Ezra. She will stay at our house with Ezra while we’re at the hospital. And then they will go back to Arkansas for a week. He’ll be in heaven and we’ll get a very much appreciated week at home by ourselves with the new baby.  My sister Mary Bess is our backup if we happen to unexpectedly go into labor.  If by some chance Mary Bess has something come up we have had my sister Francie volunteer as well as several friends who live close by. I say it often but I really mean it….we have so many caring and wonderful people in our life. We are blessed. Let’s see…what else…we have had several people ask about visitors at the hospital.  It’s going to be just me and Logan on that day at the hospital.  We’ll invite our family to visit after she has made her arrival. Camera or no camera? I’ve gone back and forth on this. Part of me wants to have it documented.  I photographed the birth of Lindsey’s twins last summer and I loved how the pictures turned out.  I know I could ask Lindsey to do the same for me and she would in a heartbeat.   And she would do a fantastic job.  But I keep going back to it’s something just between me and Logan. The end of this 9 month journey and the beginning of our new life with this baby girl. So after much thought I’ve decided to say no to the camera.  Don’t worry…I think this baby will not suffer for lack of pictures.   Speaking of pictures.  This is me at 36 weeks.  One more to spot to fill.   I can’t believe I’m almost finished!  We are excited to meet this baby soon!!!

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