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Working out

Can’t make it to the gym?  No problem.  40 pound benchpress on the living room floor.
He also works good for pushups.

This week…

  • I had my 34 week doctor appointment.  Everything is good.  I’m right on track.  Three more weeks till I’m full term.  The baby is head down now so we are in the final stretch.
  • The nursery is FINISHED!
  • I think we are just about ready to have a new baby at our house.   Nothing else big I can think of that we haven’t done yet.
  • We did a sibling class with Ezra at the hospital.  They talked about all kinds of things a big brother can do to help with a new baby and toured of the hospital.   Another simple yet big event for me that makes me realize this baby will be here soon.
  • We changed baby names yesterday.   This is a big one for me.   I’m such a planner so to change this one out last minute…BIG.  We’ve had a name selected for the last 5-6 months. We thought it was pretty set in stone but then another one just randomly came up and we’re going to go for it.  It’s very sweet.  Very southern.  I love it.
  • Cook Children’s car seat safety check tomorrow.   Not once did I ever install the base to Ezra’s car seat when he was a baby.  For one entire year I never messed with it.  Logan always did it for me if it ever needed to be reinstalled.  Crazy, right?  Bad mom.  For this baby I will know how to if needed.
  • Made it to 34 weeks without any stretch marks.  Up to six weeks left.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
  • I am ready to burn my maternity clothes.  🙂
  • We will find out tomorrow if Ezra got into the Choice school that we applied for Kindergarten next year. We’ve pretty much decided that we are not going to have him start next year so it will be interesting to see if he gets in.  I bet he will.  And then we’ll have to think it over yet again.  We have struggled over this decision for a long time now!
  • I FOUND MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!!  I am so excited about this!!!  It fell out of a magazine that I’ve had sitting on my bedside table for the past couple months.   It was one that I had in my car for a while but must have brought it inside sometime in December.   So I guess it randomly fell in there from my car.  I’m so happy!   I’ve got 2.5 years left that I can use it.   2.5 years of the good picture from right after our wedding.  2.5 years of me NOT 25 pounds heavier because I was pregnant while getting a new picture made.  AND….no chance of identify theft on this!!!  What a relief!


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