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 Lately I ….

  • Have been eating way too many Chocolate Cheerios. My new favorite food.  They really should just call them Count Choculah.
  • Can’t tie my shoes straight on anymore.  Have to go from the side.  Maybe I should stop eating the chocolate cheerios.
  • Am 31 weeks pregnant.
  • Am 5-9 weeks away from meeting this baby girl.
  • Passed the 28 week pregnancy glucose test.  Yippee!
  • Have been waking up during the middle of the night. Usually 2-3 times nights per week and I’m wide awake for 1-2 hours.  Can’t stop thinking of all the things I need to do.
  • Have been watching Texas Multi Mamas during some of those early morning hours.   I don’t usually get into reality tv but I got hooked on this one. (Thank you Jennifer LaBoon!)  I think the show is over and I’m sad!  And who the heck is watching all their kids on that show when they had all those girls nights out?  I want to have that many nights out.
  • Saw a fox in my backyard during the middle of the night.   A FOX.   Now I’ve seen 3 racoons and a fox.  Crazy.
  • Have heard the funniest reactions from kids at work regarding my belly.   “MISS!!!  You’re BIG!” and “Miss, are you pregnant?”  and “Miss, is your belly button sticking out?”  It’s like they are just now clueing in.  It’s not like I’ve been hiding it.  I am big.  I’m still surprised when I get a kid who has just now figured it out.  Almost every day now I get some sort of reaction like that.
  • Have been insanely busy at work.  I’m nervous for when I’ll be out on maternity leave.  I’m sure it will be fine but I’m still nervous. My sub is awesome.   She’s a good friend of mine and a superstar Librarian who just retired last year.   My school will probably like her more than me.  But still, I’m nervous.
  • Lost my drivers license last month.  Now I’m paranoid about identity theft.  Didn’t lose my entire wallet — just my drivers license.  I probably left it at a counter somewhere.
  • Got my new drivers license last week.   Me + an extra 22 pounds = not the most flatterning picture for my drivers license.   I miss my old one that I’ve had since right after I got married. They wouldn’t let me keep my old picture.  Oh well.
  • Tried out two new restaurants this weekend.  Logan, Ezra, and I had lunch on Saturday at Oliver’s Downtown.  Delish for all three of us!   I want to go back again and again.  Totally made me think of Martin’s Wine Cellar in New Orleans.   Logan and I had brunch on Sunday (thank you Nanna for watching Ezra) at Hacienda San Miguel.   That one was pretty good too.  7th Street is happening these days.   I remember living over there just a few years ago and there was barely anything.
  • Am sad that we’re not going to Mardi Gras this year.   I feel good about my decision not to go (at 34 weeks pregnant in a few weeks) but am sad that we’ll miss out on Krewe of Rocckus.  Next year.
  • Finished our 2011 family photo book.   It’s been a BIG project for me the past couple of months.  168 pages total.   Two books actually.  So much for not taking as many pictures last year.   I am excited to have them printed though.   Just waiting for the company that I print with to have their annual spring sale and then I will print.   Two years ago I changed from printing out 4x6s of everything to making a coffee table photo album of the year for our family.  One of the best decisions!   I love these books!   Will have to share more on these in another post someday.
  • Am blown away by how nice people have been to me.   I’ve always known this but lately people have been beyond nice.  There are several teachers who pop in my library every week just to see how I’m doing.   They are very sweet and I so enjoy chatting with them.   I’ve had two offers to help out with Ezra when Logan is out of town this month.  I’ve had one offer to watch Ezra & the baby so I can run El Scorcho in July.   And another offer for Ezra to spend the night whenever we want.  Awesome people!   You are appreciated!
  • Am almost finished with the nursery.   Just need to hang a few things up on the wall and then I’m done.
  • Washed and organized all the baby clothes.   Some of them are so itty bitty.   Friends have been SO generous with giving us baby girl clothes!  Thank you to everyone!  There really has been very little that we’ve had to purchase.
  • Have the most random thoughts.  🙂

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