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One word

You’ve probably heard this idea before. Pick one word for the year. A goal. A theme. We talked about this at our faculty meeting yesterday and I heard lots of good ideas from all the wonderful teachers at my school. So here goes. My word for the year — be Present.  This year I’m going to try my best to live in the moment, sink it all in, and enjoy. Okay, more than one word but you get the idea.
I’m looking at this in two ways. One, be present with this amazing blessing we’re about to receive. A new baby girl. I’m going to treasure it all. Every. Single. Moment. It’s not that I didn’t with Ezra. I did. Definitely. But I don’t think I really truly appreciated it. And sometimes I don’t think you can until you have had some time to look back and reflect. I enjoyed it. I loved being a new mom to that sweet baby boy four years ago. But it’s true what they say…time goes by so fast. Now he’s a full on little boy who will start Kindergarten next year. Crazy! So that’s my plan. Be present. Enjoy the moments and all the newness of a baby. Enjoy all those little miracles and also the simple everyday things that happen the first year. And two, be present right now and enjoy our time together in these next two months. It’s the last two months that we will be a family of three. Never again will it be just the three of us. The little family that I love so much. It’s hard for me to even grasp that sometimes that there will be four. Our life changed DRAMATICALLY when we had Ezra. It changed in a way that I adore and love. So to think that our little family of three will no longer be after April is a hard one to grasp. Don’t get me wrong…I am so excited to be a family of four. But I think that a part of me will miss the simpler time of just the three of us. So for now, I’m going to soak it all in. Be present in these next two months and enjoy it all. 


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