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Logan and I went to Boston last week.   A trip just for fun.  Just the two of us.   My birthday gift to Logan for his 34th birthday this past July.   Neither of us had ever been before.    The city was absolutely beautiful.  Lots of reds, yellows, and oranges everywhere.  One of my most favorite things about Boston were the neighborhoods.  So different than here in Fort Worth.   I think it would be fun to live in one of those Brownstones.   The food was delicious!  Lots of yummy seafood. Thank you to everyone for all the great recommendations.  And the weather was absolutely perfect.  Cool fall 50-60 degree temps every day.  We also got to hang out with two really good friends on this trip, Kyu Chan and Suzanne.   I’ve known Chan since 7th grade and Logan has known him since high school.  They were roommates at UT and when Logan was in law school in New Orleans.  Chan is a doctor now (Dr. Kim!) and lives in Boston.  We have known Suzanne since 1999.  Logan and Suzanne spent three years together at Tulane law.   She is our incredibly talented and dear friend who now lives in Salem, just a quick 25 minute train ride from Boston.  We took that train out to Salem one evening and got to do some much needed catching up.  (We miss you Suzanne and are going to get you down to Texas someday!)   In a nutshell our trip consisted of lots of eating, walking, more eating and catching up with good friends.  A fantastic and much needed little getaway.  I went back & forth on whether to bring my big camera or just use my iPhone.   At the last minute the iPhone won out.  Much easier.  Here goes…Boston on the iPhone….

And here’s what’s going on in all these pics.  From left to right, 28 pictures:

(1- 4.)  Kyu Chan’s Boston neighborhood.  South End I believe.  (5- 8.)  Boston Public Library in Copley Square.  The oldest public library in the United States.  HUGE!  (9.) Our hotel, the Charlesmark.  (10.)  The finish line to the Boston Marathon in front of our hotel.  (11.)  Boston Public Gardens  (12.)  Our first stop on the Freedom Trail….Park Street Church. (13.)  Granury Burial Grounds. (14.)  Fruit stand along the route. (15-16.) Union Oyster House for lunch.   Me, Logan, and Chan.  (17.)  Freedom Trail marker.  (18.)  Tour of Paul Revere’s house.  (19.)  Maurizzio’s restaurant where we would eat dinner the next night.  North End Boston.  (20-21.) Buildings in the North End.  (22.)  Me, Suzanne, and Logan in Salem, MA.  (23-24.)  Winter Island, Waikiki Beach, Salem, MA.  (25.)  Trails along the Charles River.  (26.)  Lunch at Blunch on Saturday.  Me, Logan, and Chan.  (27.)  Dinner Saturday night at Maurizzios.  Me and Logan.  (28.)  Belly shot of me, in Boston, 16.5 weeks pregnant.  October 23, 2011.

And a big THANK YOU to Nanna & Pop, Aunt Bess, and Aunt Francie & Uncle Eric for watching Ezra while we in Boston.   Have I mentioned that we have an incredibly supportive family?   We do!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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