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Changing things up and slowing things down

I meant to do this post a long time ago.   This summer a long time ago.   If you haven’t noticed there’s been some changes on my blog.   You haven’t seen any recent sessions.  The reason?  There haven’t been any.  This has been in the works for a while.   Since last December.   The fall is always SO busy for me.   Way too busy.  I love photography but I always take on too much.  So after last December (the end of another super busy fall family sessions season) I decided to take a break and slow things down.  I knew I would shoot a little in the spring and summer (much slower seasons) but after August I was going to officially take a break.  It’s my first time to do this in five years.   I was nervous about it.  Photography is my creative outlet, it’s my little break and time to myself (well, sort of) and it has provided some pretty cool opportunities for my family.   But having said all that it has been really nice this to spend this fall completely with my family.  To be involved and present in everything.   Lots of carefree weekends with little more than soccer games on the calendar.   I am loving it!   So, I’m not officially calling it quits but I am taking that break.  I’ll let you know when I start back up again. 

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