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I’m not normally a show off my birthday kind of girl but today I’m going to go for it.   35 years old.   Happy Birthday me!   It’s a big one so why not!  Here’s what we did to celebrate.   Friday night we dropped of the dude at Francie & Eric’s house and headed to the Belmont hotel in Dallas.  First on our agenda, dinner from Smoke.  Mmmm.  We also caught some of the Baylor vs. TCU game.  Go bears!   A nice birthday win just for me.

After dinner we headed over to House of Blues to see Better Than Ezra.   Our third concert with them this year.  Our first was their Krewe of Rocckus weekend in New Orleans and the second was BTE at Main Street in Fort Worth.  Those boys always put on a good show.  

Breakfast Saturday morning was at Norma’s Cafe in Oakcliff.   Short stack of buttermilk pancakes for me.   My favorite.    Shana introduced us to Norma’s a few years ago and we’ve never gone anywhere else since.  It’s very Alice, Mel’s Diner, Kiss My Grits.   It’s the kind of place I would have gone to my with my grandparents when I was little.   We love it.


I’ve never actually had their dessert.  I’m always too stuffed from the pancakes.  One of these days I’m going to have to go just for the pie.  Pie fixes everything.

Later that afternoon we headed southbound 35 to Austin for the UT vs. Rice game.   I love football season in Texas.  It’s not necessarily the football game itself but it’s everything that goes along with it that I love.   Laid back weekends, fall temperatures, chili, and a husband that’s always in a good mood because there’s a UT game coming up.    

This was Ezra’s very first UT football game.   I see alot of these in our future.  

And then today on my actual birthday, September 6th, my hubby had these yummy treats waiting for me when I got home from work.  He knows me well.

All-in-all a fantastic birthday weekend.   35 is going to be a GREAT year!  Lots of fun things in the works for my family.   I am a very lucky girl.  

p.s. – In reading back over this post I realize how much I talk about food.  I do like to eat!   It was a yummy birthday!  🙂

by Nell

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Mom - I'm so happy for you and seeing the fun you had through your pics. It's almost as good as being there. I love you, MomSeptember 6, 2011 - 3:29 pm

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