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Ghostbuster & Butterfly Annie : Halloween 2014

It’s a well known secret that I love Halloween. (Darth Vader & Little Pumpkin 2013, Captain America & Annie bug 2012, Fire Chief Ezra 2011, Little Cowboy 2010, Born to Rock 2009, Our First Little Pumpkin 2008, and teeny tiny Ezra 2 months old Halloween 2007.) I’m sure my kids won’t embrace it forever but for now they do and I love it. Dress up is fun.  Love, love, love. First up, our 7 year old Bill Murray hunting down ghosts in downtown Fort Worth.  Bustin’ makes him feel good.  He ain’t afraid of no ghost.21Aimg_0049L 22L 23Aimg_0093L 24Aimg_0078L 25Aimg_0080L 26L 27Aimg_0134L 28L 29Aimg_0105L 30L 31Aimg_0149bwL 32Aimg_0171L 33L 34Aimg_0188L 35Aimg_0206L 36K 37eIMG_0242bwL 38Aimg_0244LAnd our Annie girl, 2.5 years old. I’m head-over-heals in love with her. 41newL 42Aimg_0046cropL 43newL 44L 45Aimg_0101L 46Aimg_0050and62L 47L 48Aimg_0133L 49L 50Bimg_0021L 52v2 53Bimg_0036L 54L 55Bimg_0033L

by Nell

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Kathy Smith - Beautiful!!!October 31, 2014 - 9:37 pm

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