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816 miles and done

816 miles down. 184 miles left in my goal of running 1000 miles in 2013. I called it quits last month. This was SO very hard for me to do. I fought it for a long time. My foot started hurting back in May. Pretty sure it was plantar fasciitis for those first few months. I got that under control though and was feeling good again in August. A few weeks later I started feeling major pain in ball of my foot. Seriously thought it was broken. So I hobbled around for a while. Took it super easy on running. But then tried it again and it still felt like it was broken. At the beginning of November I finally went to the doctor. Six months of pain in my foot. Silly me. Bone scan confirmed a stress fracture. So that was it. It’s HARD for me to not run so it’s been hard for me to let it go. Running is one of the few things in my life where I feel like no one needs me but me. It’s 100% about me and doing something good for me and giving time to ME. Some people will bash me for saying that but in this moment of my life where I have two little people who are so dependent on me it’s nice to have that outlet for myself. I so enjoy it. So I’ve switched to other things. I’ve been consistent with 2 days a week yoga and riding a bike 2 days at the gym. But still, it’s nothing like running. I miss it and I hope to get it back again someday. Looking back on it now I can see where I went wrong. My mileage was consistant all year….about 24 miles a week. It wasn’t the mileage though that was the problem….it was how I did it. Last spring I was running about 4 days a week and 4-6 miles at a time. However, around summer time I changed to running 6 days a week and 3-4 miles at a time. It was hot and Annie wasn’t lasting on the longer runs anymore. So switching to 6 days a week wasn’t a big deal for me. But it was. My body never got a break. And then it broke. Lesson learned. Take it easy. It’s okay to give yourself a break. Moderation is key. Easier said than down. So now I have this lovely boot that I’m wearing for 6 weeks. I can ditch in January.


So that’s it. I ran a lot this year. I’m trying to not let myself be disappointed that I didn’t meet my goal. 816 miles IS a lot of miles to run. So YAY to running and YAY to being healthy and YAY to being dedicated to achieving a goal even if it didn’t work out. 816 is a lot! And YAY to new year starting in just a few weeks. I’ve got a new goal in mind. This one a little more realistic. I’ll let ya know soon. 🙂

January 1st mile 1, January 45.5 miles, January 106.2 miles, February 200.5 miles, March 301 miles, April 409.2 miles, May 505.1 miles, June 570.2 miles, July 608.25 miles. August 685 miles, September 763.36 miles, October 813 miles.

My partner-in-crime back when we started this journey together almost a year ago.  What a difference a year makes. 


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