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El Scorcho Sie7e

I did it! El Scorcho Sie7e.  25k.  Midnight.  Trinity Park.  It wasn’t pretty but I finished. Five 3.1 miles loops for a total of 15.5 miles. The first 3 loops were great. My foot was hurting but it was doable. I ran those in 35 minutes each. But on the fourth loop I started to go downhill. It was run/walk for most of that. Took me about 45 minutes. My knee started hurting too so that added to the mix. That was something I didn’t expect at all. The fifth and last loop was ugly. Mostly walking. Very slow. But I finished. 3 hrs 23 min. The exact same time to the minute as the last time I ran El Scorcho.  At least I’m consistent.  But like I said, it was ugly.  I crossed the finish line and was ready to go home.  I think I left too soon though.  Should have stuck around and gotten something to eat.  I was just ready to be done though.  As soon as I got in my car I started to get dizzy.   I got out and sat down on the curb.  I must have looked pretty pathetic because several people came over to help me out.  The medical team came and got me and took me to their truck.  I was okay but should have eaten something along the way.  I really think that was my issue.  So after hanging out with them for about 15 minutes I was good again to go.  Thank you to the medical team for helping me!  They were so nice!  el scorcho siete july 20 2013And my hats off to everyone who makes this race a hit. My husband! Ryan Logan, he’s the race director and the reason El Scorcho is here.  There’s a million things behind-the-scenes that go on all year long to make El Scorcho a success.  I only see a portion of them and what my husband does but I know there’s a whole bunch more.  He’s pretty incredible.  Jason, race director, such a fantastic guy and friend to our family.  He’s also part of that behind-the-scenes process throughout the year and on the night of El Scorcho.   He’s pretty awesome.  The guys at Fort Worth Running Company. Go check out their store, join one of their groups, buy their stuff!  All the incredible volunteers who help put this on! Wouldn’t be possible without all of them.  This was Logan’s last year as Race Director. It’s been a good seven years but now it’s time to hang up his hat.  He’s not going anywhere and El Scorcho will still go on.  But he will be an El Scorcho runner from now on instead of a race director.  As for me, I think this is my last and final El Scorcho to run. Next year Ezra and I will go out there to cheer on Logan. It’s about time he ran his own race! 🙂

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