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Monthly Archives: September 2013

First Haircut

I finally went for it. It was way overdue. She was rockin’ a mullet for sure.  So spur of the moment a few weeks ago we walked into the hair salon right by our house. Didn’t know anyone there. Just said we needed a first haircut. They were very sweet to us. Before:And after.  I love it. See […]

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Blue Dog

It’s their new thing. She brings him a book. He reads to her. Sometimes it’s the entire book. Sometimes it’s just a page or two. Life with two kids seems a little crazy these days. Small moments like this though force me to take a step back and think I must be doing something right.  […]

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Her great grandmother’s dress

She’s wearing her great-grandmother’s little dress. My grandmother. My father’s mother. Martha Evangeline “Irmgard” Koerber Corbin. Known as Mimo to my sisters, brother, and me. Born in 1915 in Hoisington, Kansas. One of ten children, seven boys, and three girls.   She grew up during the depression.   Her father, Adolf Koerber, was a doctor.  They were the first […]

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Happy 6th birthday Ezra James!

His birthday this year.  Six years old.   It was a fun day packed full friends, family, and lots of Ezra James love.  The day started off with a trip to the donut shop.  His choice.  Then we met friends for his birthday party at Flight Deck.  Fun place!  Lots of running, jumping, flying, dodgeball, basketball, pizza, birthday […]

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Their first time in the Big Easy

We went to New Orleans last month. The week before school started. Our first time to take the entire family.  Our daughter’s first plane ride. How did it go?  Honestly, it wasn’t so easy. It was good but it will be a while before we go again. Let me rephrase…Logan and I will hopefully be […]

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685 miles

685 miles down, 315 miles to go.  August was HOT.  It sucked.  COME ON FALL!!! January 1st mile 1, January 45.5 miles, January 106.2 miles, February 200.5 miles, March 301 miles, April 409.2 miles, May 505.1 miles, June 570.2 miles, July 608.25 miles.

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August instagram

August pics from my phone that have me smiling.  It was a busy month.  A trip to Arkansas to visit cousins, a trip to New Orleans (more in another post sometime), get together with high school girlfriends, first day of school, Logan’s 40 under 40, a very important 6th birthday, and lots of dare-devil Annie. The girl […]

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