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Monthly Archives: February 2013

200.5 miles

200.5 miles done. Last day February today and no run planned so I’m going to call it at 200.5. Two months in. I’m right on track. 799.5 miles to go. Weeks like this past one have been good on the mileage. 28.5 miles total for the week, 13.1 of which were at Cowtown. My first […]

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Texas our Texas

Hoping to get this baby up on the wall in our living room soon. I discovered him at school one day last year right before I went out on maternity leave. He was on his way to the dumpster. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time now so I think it was meant to […]

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Annie @ 43, 44, 45 weeks

January 30, 2013. 43 weeks. February 6, 2013. 44 weeks. February 15, 2013. 45 weeks. Iphone randomnes:  1, 2 – green beans. Five years later and we still get the same reaction.  Seriously, click that link it will make you smile.  Ezra 7.5 months old.  When you are five years old it helps if you […]

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Did you catch his new do in that last post?  Yep, he chopped it.  The only way to salvage it was to go full on buzz.  A trip to the barber shop last Monday morning was required.  (By the way…there are very few barbor shops that are open on Mondays.  If you have a child […]

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My Valentines 2013

Oh my goodness.  ♥ Let’s take that paci out Annie girl… No deal mama. Must stay in. Can you tell how sleepy she is here? I took these right before her morning nap. Our Valentine’s boxes. We had them up for the past week or so. Who doesn’t like to wake up to love letters […]

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Special treat

Mint chocolate chip, his favorite flavor these days.

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Baby food

Annie is the healthiest person in our house. At six months old she ate her first veggie and has never looked back. This is how we have been making her food up until now at 10 months old. Fruits and veggies made in the Vitamix and then frozen in ice cube trays. Easy, peasy. I […]

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Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo 2013

It’s rodeo time in Fort Worth.  Ezra digs the rodeo. He’s been waiting oh-so-patiently (ok, not patiently at all…he has ZERO patience) to ride these rides. We drive by them every day on the way to and from school.  And every day he asks me to stop.  We finally went last week.  He was so […]

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106.2 miles

And January is done my friends!  106.2 miles.  31 days.  4.5 weeks.  893.8 miles to go.  And yes, I do count that 0.2.  🙂  I’ve been shooting for about 20 miles per week so 106 puts me there and then some.   January had some crazy weather.  It’s Texas so that’s normal I guess.  There were […]

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