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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Annie @ 10 weeks

June 13, 2012Sweet, sweet, sleeping babies.  ♥

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The Joy Cottage

Anna at The Joy Cottage asked me to photograph a couple of her quilts this past week. I’m a big fan of quilts. I’ve always loved them. And I’m a big fan of Anna’s work. She’s made two quilts, a bobby cover, and a fun little camera strap for me. The quilt shown here she made […]

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Having two kids…

…is a whole different ball game. Two and a half months in and we are all still trying to figure out how to play.I was only gone for a few minutes.  Five minutes tops. Just enough time to change a diaper and the sheets on Annie’s crib. He told us that he wanted to make […]

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9 Years

Logan and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary last week.  We went to dinner at Los Vaqueros on our wedding anniversary night and then a Jackopierce concert in Dallas a few days later.  (Thank you to Dori & Jason and Shana & Randall for watching our kiddos on those two dates!)  Nine years….the greatest adventure of […]

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Annie @ 9 weeks

I had a little photography assistant help me with this weeks shot.  June 6, 2012.  Nine weeks old.  Annie had her two month doctor appointment this week.   She weighed 10 pounds, 5 ounces.   We have one very healthy baby girl. •  I went back to work for two days this week to wrap up the school year […]

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While you were sleeping

We talk about sleep alot. It’s a huge part of our lives right now. Sleeping, not sleeping, how long, when, where, etc.  Annie sleeps fantastic at night. 11-12 hours straight now. During the days it’s hit or miss. Normally I don’t dare walk into her room during the day for fear of waking her up but […]

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Annie @ 8 weeks

May 24, 2012. 8 weeks old. 2 months now. I CAN’T believe it. This little girl fits so perfectly in our family.  ♥  Before she was born I thought we would mostly be dividing our time with two kids.  Me with the baby, Logan with Ezra, or we would switch.  But more and more I’ve found that […]

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