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Adios to our old kitchen!

We said goodbye to our kitchen this fall. Gutted it completely and kicked it to the curb. It’s been a long time coming. Renovation pics coming soon. It. Is. Amazing. 1wIMG_1087

Ghostbuster & Butterfly Annie : Halloween 2014

It’s a well known secret that I love Halloween. (Darth Vader & Little Pumpkin 2013, Captain America & Annie bug 2012, Fire Chief Ezra 2011, Little Cowboy 2010, Born to Rock 2009, Our First Little Pumpkin 2008, and teeny tiny Ezra 2 months old Halloween 2007.) I’m sure my kids won’t embrace it forever but for now they do and I love it. Dress up is fun.  Love, love, love. First up, our 7 year old Bill Murray hunting down ghosts in downtown Fort Worth.  Bustin’ makes him feel good.  He ain’t afraid of no ghost.21Aimg_0049L 22L 23Aimg_0093L 24Aimg_0078L 25Aimg_0080L 26L 27Aimg_0134L 28L 29Aimg_0105L 30L 31Aimg_0149bwL 32Aimg_0171L 33L 34Aimg_0188L 35Aimg_0206L 36K 37eIMG_0242bwL 38Aimg_0244LAnd our Annie girl, 2.5 years old. I’m head-over-heals in love with her. 41newL 42Aimg_0046cropL 43newL 44L 45Aimg_0101L 46Aimg_0050and62L 47L 48Aimg_0133L 49L 50Bimg_0021L 52v2 53Bimg_0036L 54L 55Bimg_0033L

While You Were Sleeping

I finished up our 2013 family photo albums today. We’re almost to the end of 2014 so I would say it’s about time to get caught up.  I love a good sleeping shot…so peaceful.  2013 while you were sleeping

First Day 2014 – First Grade, Pre-School, & Middle School

Hello new school year! It’s hard to believe summer is gone and we are in full on school mode. First grade now for Ezra James (6 years old on the first day last week and turned 7 a week later), our favorite little pre-school for Annie girl (2.5 years), and middle school for me. I’m back to work full time this year as a Librarian with FWISD. I’m both excited and nervous about this. It’s been two years since I left my library at a school that I loved. I’m at a new campus this year but working with middle school again. Here’s to a new adventure! Fingers crossed that it’s awesome! 1 wIMG_0164L 2 first day of school 2L 3 collageL 5IMG_0107cropL 6collageL IMG_0167LFirst day 2012 and first day 2013. Such big changes in two short years.

Annie : Two Years

April 4, 2014. I’m six months late in posting these but still wanted to share.   We shot these on the morning of her second birthday. 1IMG_0008v2 soft&earthyL 2IMG_0010soft&earthyL 3IMG_0034soft&earthyL 4IMG_0033soft&earthyL 5IMG_0022soft&earthyL


Once upon a time. A long, long, lonnnnng time ago. I had a blog and I posted pictures. Good ones. Pictures that I’m proud of and I look back on and smile. Blame it on the iphone. Blame it on instagram. Blame it on my crazy life. I stopped shooting for me. I’ve miss it.  weIMG_0058and59

February 2014

february 2014

January 2014

January pics from my phone. I realize it’s the middle of March. I wasn’t going to do these anymore but I was looking back at old blog posts the other day and they make me smile. A little glimpse into some simple moments in our day.january instagram 2014I’m on instagram as Cowtown Camera Girl if you want to follow along. Our crazy little life.

Still here

Gosh it’s been a while. We’re still here. Just busy. Seems like I’ve been saying that for the last six years. Will I be saying it for 16 more? Or even more? My in-laws are the busiest people I know. And they’re retired. Hmm. This past month Ezra finished his first basketball season and started piano lessons, Annie started school full time and has still been going 100 mph, Logan’s been crazy busy at work and was out of town three times, we had our house lifted 1/2 an inch, and I’m running again and started a new job. Busy. The new job thing is going to be good for our family. I don’t think I’ll share about it on here but I’m working again.  Not the library.  Not photography. But something I’m excited about. When I left my library two years ago I thought it would be at least five years before I went back to work. Lately I’ve been feeling ready. I think we’re all ready.  So I decided to go for it.  A new adventure.  Thank you to everyone on your feedback to my last post.  A lot of people told me similar stories.  It’s good to know I’m not alone and lots of women feel the same way.  I know it will pass.  We’ll get to a new stage.  New adventures.  New challenges.  It’s all a part of our journey.  p.s. – I had a friend check up on me yesterday.  She totally made my day.  I don’t really know who’s reading this blog of mine.   I follow several blogs that I’ve never once commented on.  Some of them feel like friends to me.  Even though we’ve never met, never talked, and they have no idea.  So it’s good to know someone has been following along on my little journey.  Thank you Diana.  ♥  New glasses for this little man.  He likes them a lot.  I love them.1_IMG_0565 2 3 4 5Goober.6I love him.7 8

Closer to two

She’s closer now to two. Seems like forever I’ve been saying she’s a year and a half. But her second birthday will be here soon. This blows my mind. She looks like such a little girl.  No more baby.  She’s going through my makeup bag in these pics.  Every once in a while I don’t take it away and let her dig through.  She takes each piece out individually and pretends to use the brushes just like me.   It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about us. Life’s been crazy. Nothing major going on. Just crazy. I wonder if other mom’s feel that way. And I wonder if and when I ever won’t feel this way. Do I just have super high maintenance kids? My daughter has started in on the tantrums lately. Closer to two, right? Going places is a MAJOR challenge. I dread it. But we do it. We were at the Container Store the other day when the full on tantrums kicked in. The laying on the floor kicking & screaming, full on body goes limp, so her mom struggles big time to pick her up kind. My apologies to the man in line behind me. The one I jumped in front of and shouted “it’s MY turn” when the cashier tried to take the next person in line. Not my most shining mommy moment. But toddler tantrum trumps you buddy. It was my turn though. Or maybe it’s because she climbs everything. We joke about it but it’s 100% true. Danger girl. Exhausting to keep up with her. Maybe that’s it. We’re exhausted. Logan and I talk about this all the time. Annie has gone down to one nap a day and both kids have been waking up even earlier these days. Did we have crazy energy before we had kids? I can’t remember.  As of last week she can climb out of her crib.  Oh sweet Annie girl.   She’s about to up her game even more.  I can feel it.  Maybe I’m bad at handling stress? Our kids are healthy. I’m grateful. I know other mom’s who would trade with me in a heartbeat. But both of them together is a lot. My yoga teacher recently said this and it stuck with me: “If you can’t change something, change your attitude.” I need to do that.  Trying.  Yawn.  :)1wIMG_0114cropL