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Her 3rd Birthday

We celebrated on her birthday.  Saturday, April 4th.  Three years old.  Cupcakes at the park followed by dinner at the food truck park. My kids went to bed that night exhausted and happy. It was a GREAT day!  Thank you Jason & Dori, Francie, Eric, Addison, Preston & Austin, Courtney & Owen, and Erik, Annika & Gigi!1img_0950 2img_0948 3img_0949 4img_0945 5img_0954_1 6img_0953v2 7img_0966 8annie birthday cake 2 8img_0962 9img_0957 10img_0964 11img_0974 12weIMG_0884 13Annie birthday 113collage without numbersA second attempt at a family pic without cupcake in our mouths.  #reality.  :)14realityHappy Birthday Annie girl. Can’t believe you are three years old.

All good things are wild and free

Happy 3rd birthday Annie girl!wimg_0236lThree years ago. Same field, same chair, same sweet Annie.annie newborn

Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

We’ve been singing that song for over seven years now.  Our almost three year old. Enjoying a very rare 3.5 hour nap. She played in the snow that morning for ten minutes at most. Sweet baby girl.1img_0746 (2) 2img_0717 (2) 3img_0741 (2) 5img_07157img_0747 (2)

My Family 2015

Family photos are such a gift.  Thank you to the incredibly talented Kim Hayes for chasing us around the fairgrounds last month.  Our kids have grown so much since our last family session and I’m forever grateful for these images.  Love, love, love. 1e2family 4QJ0A6040 5QJ0A6096 6QJ0A6097 7 spinning final 8QJ0A6137 9QJ0A6153 10QJ0A6212 11QJ0A6219bw 12QJ0A6273bw 13 14QJ0A6366 19QJ0A6512 20annie get your gun 21QJ0A6495 22QJ0A6543 23 24 25QJ0A6398 26QJ0A6688 27QJ0A6691 28QJ0A6717 29 30QJ0A6456

Snowy Days 2015

1img_0601centered 2img_0606 3img_0561 4 annie snow 3 5img_0573 6img_0644 7annie snow 8img_0658 9img_0628 10img_0614 11img_0616 12img_0617 (2) 13img_0640 14annie snow 2 15img_0670 16 annie snow 4 17 img_0676 (2) 19annie snow 5 20img_0487summerpeach
Some of our favorite snow adventures….The Snowy Day 2011, 2011 snow video (SO sweet!)Christmas Day 2012 snow, Icemageddon 2013.


Love of my life. 2wimg_0476crop 3 annie 2 4wimg_0477softearthyCrop 5wIMG_0466v2softandearthyL

Merry Christmas 2014

I’m a little late, okay I’m a lot late but I still want to share. These make me smile. I almost didn’t do a Christmas card this year. We hadn’t done family pictures. I never got around to scheduling a session with anyone. Too busy with work, with commitments, with life. At the last minute though I decided to go for it on my own. My kids are the hardest for me to photograph. So glad I did though. Love these! Merry Christmas 2014!w01 FrontThe back of our card…02 backv2warmerEzrafaceAnd all the takes in between…03 page 8204page 83

Cousins 2014

I adore these kiddos. We do this shot every year at Christmas. Started seven years now. Seven cousins now.  For this time we had my two, plus Francie’s three, minus Emilie’s boys who were in Arkansas for Christmas this year.  Must get all of these kids together soon….my kids are in heaven when that happens. Love, love, love. Check out 2013, 2012, 2011 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. 05 img_0332and354Eand330Av2 06 page 84

Our kitchen renovation : After!

We said goodbye to our old kitchen a couple months ago. Gutted it completely and kicked it to the curb.  It’s been a long time coming. Be sure to check out the before pics here and the during pics here.  We knew we would do it when bought our house 5.5 years ago.  It just took us that long to get to the point where we could go for it.  There was a lot of things to be done to our house when we bought it.  And we have done several projects over the past few years…living room, dining room, upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom, guest bedroom, Annie’s nursery.  But the kitchen was by far big one.  The one that required ripping things out, tearing down walls, raising the ceiling, taking everything out and starting over new.  It was a journey getting to the point of renovation and then actually pulling the trigger to do it.  It took ten weeks total for the job. At week eight we were able to get in and start using it. And the last two weeks were wrapping up the final parts. Eight weeks of renovation. Eight weeks of washing dishes in the bathtub. Eight weeks of eating way too much take-out. Eight weeks of doing my laundry in the evenings by flashlight. Eight weeks of dust everywhere.  Eight weeks of a dumpster in my backyard.  Eight weeks of 1/4 of our house gone and stuff crammed into every extra space available. Eight weeks of crazy. But we did it, we lived in our house through the whole thing, and now we’re done. It was 110% worth it. I love, love, love, love, love this room. It is amazing! Every time I walk into it now I say how much I love it.  The room now feels HUGE.  It’s amazing to me that it’s the exact size as before.  Raising the ceiling, knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dining rooms, and of course redesigning the layout for a much better flow.  Our contractors did a fantastic job.   They were so great and we would use them again in a heartbeat.  Thank you Gregg and Stanton!  And now for the new kitchen. Come over sometime….it will blow you away! 01img_0070 02img_0160 03img_0075 04img_0134 05img_0140 09wimg_0104 10maybe 12img_0085

Our kitchen renovation : During

75 days from demolition to the final hooks getting nailed on the walls.  Pretty darn amazing.remodel collage